The Best of Frozen

“Let it Go” has gone viral in virtually every form; but here are some of the very best remixes/takes on Frozen.

Working with Lemons

This was called to my attention because the father of these girls was a co-worker of my wife. Apparently 414 million other viewers discovered it before me, though.

Multiple Languages

“Let It Go” in 40 languages; this fantastic view of the international distribution also gives insight into how different languages sound. Of course, I’m partial to the Mandarin; but they were all excellent. I was informed by one six-year old, “Canadian French–that’s the language of love!”

Singing by Anna This shows that the actress who played Anna, Kristen Bell, is not only cute and endearing but remarkably talented.

How it Should Have Ended

A hilarious take on Frozen, pointing out the illogic of the beginning premise of the film, and making the same connection to X-Men style mutant powers that I mentioned to my wife when I saw the film.

Alex Boyé Remix

This one made it to the Time honorable mentions list. It is original and elegant, and also features our favorite Alex Boyé, a talented LDS singer.

Piano Guys: Vivaldi/Frozen

Thanks Laura for the recommendation here. Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons have always been a favorite, and the Piano Guys bring their usual fun and class to a beautiful rendition.

Frozen in Brass

You don’t often hear all-trombone arrangements of anything (seriously… have you ever?) but this one is quite good.

Bonus Characters Sing

I don’t consider this “great,” but it’s definitely amusing. Watch this fellow sing in the voice of a wide variety of Disney characters. His facial gestures are priceless.

Have you found others you think should go on this list? Mention them in the comments below!

Doctor Who Snowman Version

Doctor Who, as my favorite fandom, was bound to have some good mash-ups. Here are a few;


What my wife was imagining with a Doctor mashup.


From the author: “I’m well aware how awful this is but it’s a really quick thing meant to bring buckets of pain.” Yeah, that’s about right.

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