Bus Driver Diaries

Bus Driver Diaries: Stories From the Driver's SeatBus Driver Diaries: Stories From the Driver’s Seat by Tory C. Anderson
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The Bus Driver Diaries is a series of vignettes from the life of an unusual bus driver. By no means a story, it’s a book of little scenes and brief flashes. You spend moments observing country children who run to the end of gravel roads to catch a passing school bus. In other scenes you wind down terrifying mountain roads in the middle of a blizzard. Throughout the book you wonder at the literature-appreciating tech professional turned bus driver that is shuttling children of all ages down country roads. This book provides excellent end-of-the-day stories for when you want to put your feet up and be transported into a discerning bus driver’s mercurial experience of the joy and chaos of the children’s lives. You are free to choose at random which page or story you dive into. You might find a developing fondness for the children and something contagious in the unassuming warmth and care of their bus driver.

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